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Applicant Screening for Low-Skilled Positions

I’m looking for a great assessment tool that will help me filter during my application process. The talent pool I’m drawing from is really tough -- with my last advertised position (customer-facing), out of 30 applicants, only 4 people could pass both a drug screen and a criminal background check. What can I use?
Coetic Coach
The Best Selection Instruments Are Not a Remedy for a Crummy Applicant Pool by: CoeticCoach
Let’s focus on the biggest problem you’re facing -- how do I recruit people I’d be thrilled to hire? Remember, for your customers, the people you hire are The Experience they will have of your business. Attracting great people with the right values, interpersonal skills, and technical expertise is one of the best things you will do for your business. It's important to take a Garbage In, Garbage Out view of your applicant pool and do everything you can think of and afford to attract a great pool of applicants. Create yourself a buyer's market. Make it matter less which applicant you pick (and then still be good at choosing the best you can afford). You want to screen people IN to your pool with at least as much gusto as you use to screen people out. (In fact, that is a better perspective to maintain throughout each decision -- you are truly trying to screen someone INTO your team, it's just a byproduct that other folks get screened out, and when screening out becomes the point of your tools, you’re not centered on your purpose.) Create a magnetic force that attracts people who are a good fit and repels people who aren't. No selection tool or decision to hire can turn a mediocre candidate into a fabulous employee. Just imagine how great it will be when you have a core team of awesome people that help you delight customers, grow the business, and set the culture tone for years to come.
Anon Anon
Good points, I do wish I had a stronger group of applicants to draw from. I’m a little lost on how to amp up my recruiting though - I’m advertising in the local paper and online job boards. What else can I do?
Coetic Coach
Recruit Like You Mean It by: CoeticCoach
If you own or hire for a small or mid-sized organization, and you have active or looming openings, recruit at every opportunity! Think about captive groups that may have nothing to do with skill sets but where people with the values you are looking for already congregate. Advertise there by word-of-mouth, posting flyers, getting to know the people who might know someone is looking for work and remember meeting you. Cultivate young talent -- call the local programs that train for the skills you need. Set up introductions with instructors or advisors, ask lots of questions, get to know what students are looking for, and be the person they call to say "I've got this great student who might be just the fit for you..." Know the quickest path to skills for someone who has the passion and values but not the required technical qualifications. Advertise thoughtfully. There are tons of places you can post openings free or low-cost. You may want a few different ad versions, depending on the source you're using. Job postings that focus on passion, meaning, and purpose really stand out. Have a 2-min chat prepared to ask everyone you run into...who would you trust to do {job requirement}? Do you know anyone who might be interested or who would be good for me to connect with? Have business cards on you always so you can encourage follow-up on any good leads. Give your ambassadors (team members, family, friends) something to say never know when you might get through to someone's second cousin twice removed who is a perfect fit. Basically develop a tribe of people who know you as a local business owner with strong values and an awesome purpose that serves the customers, families, and broader community with the care your team provides. Let those folks know every time you have an opening that opportunity is available, that you're looking to build a fantastic team.

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